General repairs performed by FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK s.r.o. are very sophisticated tasks, when the machine is completely disassembled, cleaned, repaired, reassembled, adjusted, tested, preserved, and prepared for shipping. The foregone conclusion is the complete surface treatment of the machine (painting, browning, chrome plating, cylinder rubber coating, raster cylinder engraving, etc.). We can also perform a general repair on the machine you are interested in purchasing from our offer of machinery. We will always adapt the scope of the general repair according to your possibilities.


·       disassembly and marking of the machine at the customer's place

·       complete disassembly of the entire equipment on the premises of FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK s.r.o.

·       completion of the photo-documentation during the course of repair

·       completion of the technical report on missing and damaged parts

·       completion of the essential drawing documentation (AUTOCAD 2006)

·       cleaning, degreasing or, if applicable, de-rusting of all machine components

·       arranging the visit of the technician at the customer's place with a view to demonstrate the wear and tear of the disassembled machine

·       repair of the minor damages to the machine components

·       manufacture and purchase of the new components

·       new paint on all components of the machine – shade according to the customer's requirements

·       reassembly of the entire machine

·       change of oils and lubricants

·       demonstration of the machine on the completion of the customer's job order

·      oil-protection and packing of the machine

·      installation and activation of the machine

·       handing over the machine for operation against the transfer protocol

·     assistance for the period of 8 hours during the pilot run of the machine

If you want to have your machine moved, we will provide moving equipment as well (transportation, crane, loading, etc.).


State of the Machines prior to the General Repair 

  During the General Repair



After the General Repair, Assembled In-Line, and Installed at the Customer's Place


Retrofitted Switchboards



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