Folders, gluers






 Very Good

 Reference number:  Available: Immediately
 Sheet width:  max. 2.970 mm
                         min.     470 mm  Year:
 Sheet length: max. 1.250 mm  Main size: LxWxH
                         min.     200 mm

 Max. speed:

 300 sheets / min.

 Weigh: t
 Gluing system: 1 point, by wheel  Price:                39.970,- EUR
 Number of gluing points: 1 point

 Note:This machine was working without any dificulties and with usual

 precision by the customer, till the last moment of the production. At

 this moment, the machine is dismanteled, for the reason of transport

 and right now is the machine in stock in the workshop of our company

 FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. After beck assembling, the machine

 will work without any problems and will be able of precize production

 again. In the next step, let us offer you, in the case of your interest,

 general overhaul of this above mentioned machine, which would be

 proceeded in our workshop for the price of 54.440,- EUR. 

 In the case of your interest, we will send you the complete photo

 documentation of allready genaral overholed machine EMBA UVZ

 RTZ, which we have made for one of our customers, immediately. 








  Reference number:  Available: Immediately
  Sheet width:    max. 925 mm
                            min.    45 mm  Year:
  Sheet length:   max. 800 mm  Main size: LxWxH
                            min.    45 mm

  Max. speed: 

  15.000 sheets / min.

 Weigh: t

  Gluing system: by wheel,

  4 - 6 corners

 Price of the machine:

 in dismantled shape:

                           43.210,- EUR

 in continual production:

                           63.730,- EUR

 Number of gluing points: 5 points,

  crash - lock bottom

 Note: This machine is dismenteled in the workshop of our company

 at this moment and is ready for the repair, by the customer needs.

 This folder - gluer machine is very good equipted with all possible

 accessory and tools. In the case of your interest, is our company

 FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK, s.r.o. able to complete the machine, make

 the machine running and put it in the test run condition, in a very

 short time for folowing price: 63.730,- EUR. (Price of the machine in

 continual production). In the case of your interest in general overhaul

 of the above mentioned machine, we will calculate the costs and we

 will send you our offer of the general overholed folder-gluer machine

 JAGENBERG 925 - I, in a very short time.




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