Automatic without alveolar winder of double wall corrugated board 


Our company FIRTAS POLYTECHNIK,s.r.o. with the headquarters in Kladno, the CzechRepublic, has developed an automatic tube-free reel of duplex paper board for corrugating machines of different manufacturers with the designed position at the end of a corrugating machine.


The machine has been developed for automatic tube-free winding of wide and narrow strips or winding in the whole width.




Due to the assurance of a high level of work safety, when the operator can not touch moving parts thanks to the coverage of the whole machine, the safety conditions are met. Only during first leading  of material into the machine, when the protective cover is slid away and all drives blocked, the operator manually leads material from the leading cart into the machine.


Several winding types are possible with a different width in the number of two, three,  four,  five and six strips in various width combinations. If required, a trimmed edge with a width up to 80 mm can be wound as a separate winding; narrower edge trimmings must be sucked off by a tearing ventilator fan (this device is not included in the offer, but it can be ordered additionally).


Automatically on reaching a required winding diameter or winding length, respectively, the cut to width rolls are automatically cut off transversally and then they are pushed by a pushing cart with supporting forks out of the machine, where the operator sticks over the end of the winding and subsequently these rolls are transported to the storage rooms.


After the rolls are removed, the pushing cart automatically returns to its basic position, meanwhile  the winding shaft also sets to the zero position and the lead-in truck with clamped material inserts the material in  the slot of the inflating shaft which immediately after inflating clamps the beginning of the wound-up material, the cart returns to the basic position and another cycle of winding to a preset winding length begins.


The only operation in the automatic cycle carried out by the operator manually, or by a foot pedal, respectively, is the moving out of wound-up material; it is for the purpose of safety, enabling the operator to keep control over the space where the material is to ejected out in order to prevent injuries to a person accidentally present in the area.


After this operation the machine returns to the automatic process. One winding cycle at a speed of ca 125m/min. takes ca 2.10 – 2.30min. The machine can also be controlled manually by individual steps by means of the touch screen.


At present we are developing another type which will enable the installation in the middle of the corrugating machine between the splicers with a possibility to extend the reel from the working position to the parking position to the side beyond the machine.


Technical data of standard design:


Max. winding width:                        2.500 mm

Max. winding diameter:                  1.000 mm

Cutting section:                                circular blades on two driven shafts, 4 pairs in the basic design

Min. cut width:                                 80 mm

Number of cutting blades:              10 pieces, with extended cutting shafts it is possible to create a  parking space for the remaining blades (for extra charge as an option)

Max. winding speed:                       125m/min.

Types of wound materials:             wool E,B,C in different paper weights

Winding shaft diameter:                 120 mm

Winding length:                               controlled automatically with presetting

Force of winding tightening:           controlled automatically by the brake section

Control panel:                                  equipped with a touch screen

Air inlet:                                           6 bar

Power supply:                                 3 x 400V/50Hz

PLC:                                                 B+R  (Bernecker + Reiner, Austria)

                                                         winding control: Lenze servo

Color of machine:                            on customer´s requirement



Price of winding equipment in standard design,

that is, the installation at the end of the corrugating machine, is .................................... 235 000.00 EUR


The stated price is excluding the assembly.




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