GRIPPER BAAR SYSTEM – This device improves the safety of the machine operators. It is a very important safety element required by the current safety regulations of the European Union. After each opening of the machine cover, the device reacts by arresting the travel chain. That is accomplished via the mechanical movement created by the pressurized air (during the failures of the pneumatic equipment via the pressure spring). During this movement, the device extends the locking pins (hooks), which slide in between the links of the chain and block its movement. Therefore, the operating crew can safely manipulate on the inside of the machine. After the operating crew closes the last cover of the machine, the device will release the chain automatically and not until after it, the machine can be turned on again.




Chain Lock
Bobst SPO 1575

Chain Lock
Bobst SPO 1600

Chain Locks for BOBST SP 142 E (ER), SP 1420, SP 1260, and IBERICA DG 60 F

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